July 20, 2005

Locally owned and operated by Westfield native Nicoll Vincent, and her husband Michael from Southwick, Nicoll started her business in 2005 with a passion for pet nutrition. 

Nicoll and Michael currently have two Shiba Inus, but have had the joy of owning pets their entire lives.  While Nicoll has had the pleasure of owning dogs, cats, hamsters and a rabbit, Michael had more farming interests, having chickens, quail and pheasants.  They also enjoy wildlife especially squirrels. 

No children of their own, their pets are their family.  As dedicated and responsible pet owners, they are adamant about ensuring the quality of their pets' health and well being.  The food and products that they sell in the store are given to their pets and if it's not good enough for their pets, it's not good enough for yours!

Eleven years later, on July 1, 2016, the business evolved to become For K-9s & Felines, LLC.  Nicoll is committed to providing the same quality of products and services you have come to expect over the years and for many years to come!

In 2020, her husband retired from his construction job and is Nicoll's assistant.  The pets know him as "Mr. Mike" and many run in to greet him as he's also the "treat man".  Having an assistant allows us to stagger appointments.  This allows us to continue to offer private private appointments but wait times are much shorter; we are able to schedule appointments within two weeks versus a month or longer previously.

With Grandma retiring in 2023, Nicoll had to make changes to the business as she would not be able to groom full-time and run the retail business.   While we still cater to our clients, we have downsized the retail a little bit to only stock food and supplies that have a high turnover.  Online shopping did not exist in 2005 and when it became popular, and then flourished with COVID, the loss was felt. Our focus will be on grooming and our store hours will change weekly based on the grooming schedule.

Nicoll Vincent and Rigby the Brittany
Nicoll Vincent and Kate the Persian

Nicoll Vincent (a.k.a. Auntie Nicoll)

Owner & Pet Stylist

Nicoll is a self-taught groomer.  She started learning simple grooms and cat grooming in 2007 when her mother retired.  When the part-time groomer left in 2009, Nicoll's clients encouraged her to continue her education and learn styling.  With that encouragement, Nicoll joined several grooming organizations and attended every grooming trade show and seminar in New England, NJ and NY that she could travel too.  Because she was learning, she could only groom one pet at a time.  As she was the only groomer in the area at that time offering this specialized service, word spread rapidly and that business style quickly become her niche.  Her focus was that of gentle grooming; never forcing a pet outside of his comfort zone and grooming straight through so the pet can go home as soon as the groom was completed.  Back then, groomers were high volume and utilized cage drying.  As such, pets could be kept on premises for 2-4 hours if not longer.  Her reputation for gentle grooming by private appointment in a low-stress atmosphere became widespread and she is referred to by veterinarians, trainers and other pet service businesses.  In 2023, not only has this business style grown locally, but nationwide as well!  As Nicoll gained knowledge and experience, she became more involved with grooming associations, being on the Board of Directors for NEPGP from 2017-2019 and also helped to found a new national association - the APPGA - where she served on the Board of Directors as Secretary from 2018 - 2021.  Not only passionate about pets, but passionate about the industry, Nicoll keeps abreast of grooming licensing and incidents around the country.  She has a Facebook group for Massachusetts groomers to help keep them notified of any bills and issues.  Any groomer that lives or works in MA can join the group:  MA Grooming Legislation Awareness Group

Grandma and Piglet

Reggie (a.k.a. Grandma)

Receptionist Extraordinaire (Semi-Retired)

Nicoll's Mom, Reggie, started helping when she retired from her job in 2007 and Nicoll started learning to groom.  Grandma would answer phones, schedule appointments and run the storefront.  When dogs were finished grooming, they would sit with Grandma waiting for their owners to pick them up.  Grandma gave the BEST massages!  When dogs came in, they ran straight for Grandma!  And some of them would not leave when it was time to go home!  As Grandma celebrated a large birthday in 2022, it was decided that she should retire in peace (but not totally). As of January, 2023 - Grandma Reggie is now only helping us on Saturdays as this is our busier retail day. 

[Pictured here with Piglet, who was tired and decided to take a nap.]

Michael Vincent and Figment the Standard Poodle

Michael Vincent (a.k.a. Mr. Mike)

Grooming Assistant & Jack of all Trades

While Michael used to help during winter lay-offs, he retired from his construction career in June, 2020 and started assisting the family business year round.  He's bathes and dries all of the pups (and cats too!) and you may see him trying to ring up the register.  He's more than happy to lend a hand so if you need help to your car with food or with your pet, just let him know.

[Pictured here with Figment, the Standard Poodle, who loves Mr. Mike!  When he leaves her so I can start a haircut, she cries for him.  This is Fig showing Mr. Mike her new toy!  Love you Fig!]