Restrictions & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you accept all pets? 

Unfortunately, we cannot service all pets. 

For the health and safety of your pet (and the groomer) and due to our business model, it is important that your pet stay on a regular grooming schedule so that he can be trained properly, maintain a proper coat and stay within his allotted grooming appointment.  We are accepting new clients who will meet these parameters.  However, we do have the following requirements and limitations as well:

  • Puppies should be seen after their second booster (12-14 weeks) even if they do not get a haircut so we can start training them to accept grooming.

  • Dogs requiring haircuts must stay on a schedule of eight weeks or less (as recommended by the groomer).

  • Dogs must be table / grooming trained (we'll train puppies!)
    We will not accept dogs over six months old who have never been professionally groomed or adult dogs who don't get groomed regularly.

  • Due to medical issues, dogs must weigh less than 70 pounds (or who will be at maturity) and must not be considered morbidly obese.

  • Due to medical issues, we are unable to groom those dogs that are labor intensive.

  • We are no longer accepting new pets over ten years of age.

  • We cannot accept any pet that bites or needs special handling.  If a muzzle is required to groom it, we will refer out.

  • As our Saturdays are almost fully booked for the year, we cannot accept new clients that will need standing Saturday appointments.

If you have questions regarding any of these restrictions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  We are more than happy to have a discussion.  (We have made exceptions regarding the third bullet.)

If you'd like to move forward becoming a client, please review our policies (select the "Policies" button at the bottom of the page).

My dog/cat has fleas!  Do you offer flea baths?

The short answer is no, because we do not accept pets into our salon that have any transmissible infestation or disease.  This is to protect pets coming in after yours. 

That being said, if fleas are found on your pet when bathing, you will be called immediately and informed of such.  If the pet is infested, you must pick up your pet immediately.  You will be charged for the appointment time slot plus a $25.00 cleaning fee (to clean and bomb the facility).

If there are only a couple, we will provide a flea bath.  We will charge a $25.00 cleaning fee in addition to the price of the groom.  Please note that flea baths are NOT guaranteed.  Fleas are smart and will crawl into orifices we cannot access and will come out later.  Additionally, there is no residual effect to the flea shampoo.  Unless your home environment is treated, you will still have fleas in your home and they will jump back on your pet.

If you are trying to coordinate an exterminator and a flea appointment, please note the following:

Appointment must be made in advance for any flea baths.

  • Appointment will be at the end of the day and overtime charges will incur if level of infestation requires additional grooming after store hours.

  • A minimum charge of $25.00 will be imposed in addition to the cost of a basic groom for that pet.

  • Captstar must be given to your pet 6 hours before arrival.  Capstar can be purchased at your veterinarian's office or we sell it as well.  It is a safe and affordable medication that kills all the fleas on your pet and starts working within 15 minutes with a 90% kill rate after 6 hours.  If you are giving your pet an oral pest preventative, please check with your vet first before giving Capstar. 

My dog has mats.  Do you brush them out or do you have to shave my dog?

Please understand that matting can be very painful for your pet (as well as the groomer).  Pets should be brushed/combed weekly, if not daily during shedding season.  All animals shed, some more than others.  If mats start to form that you cannot remove, please call us.  That is the time to remove them and we should be able to de-mat safely if they are small and in a small area of the pet's body.  As the mats get bigger and tighter, they cause more pain to the animal which can make them more difficult to work with.  Additionally, de-matting damages the hair shaft so it will be easier for it to mat again.  It's best to shave it and let healthy hair regrow.  Animals coming in matted will be shaved down.  De-matting fees of $2.00/minute will be charged in addition to the cost of the regular groom.  No exceptions.  (If we are unable to finish due to temperament/severity, we will stop and request that you bring it to your vet to be completed under anesthesia.  Charges will incur for work performed.)

Do you express anal glands?

No.  Expressing glands is a veterinary procedure and should not be performed by a groomer.   Many times, anal gland issues can be resolved with a proper, species-appropriate diet.  We can help you with that.  For more information, click on the video link to see Dr. Becker's educational video on anal glands.  Dr. Karen Becker - Your Pet's Anal Glands

Do you provide emergency skunk baths?

Typically, we do not have the availability on short notice to provide emergency services.  However, we are more than happy to help you if we do have an opening that day.  We can also offer an emergency appointment at the end of our day.  Since this would be an after-hours appointment, there will be an up-charge of $50 if the appointment starts before store closing time.  If after store closing time, it will be an additional $100.  Also please note that we cannot guarantee removal of skunk order.  Unfortunately, once it penetrates the hair shaft and the skin itself, it's like a stain that has to wear off.  We can make a huge difference but when the pet gets wet, you can still smell it for up to six months.

Homemade, Emergency Skunk Shampoo

  • 1 quart 2% hydrogen peroxide

  • 1/2 cup baking soda

  • 2 tablespoons of Dawn Original dish soap

Mix together all at once.  Put it on as a paste and let stand for 10 minutes.  Rinse good to remove all product.  Please be careful to NOT get any in or near the eyes.


Do not bathe or wet your pet first as the skunk oils will spread all over the body.

You may pre-treat by applying corn starch to the affected area.  This will help absorb some of the oils first.  Brush it out.  Then apply paste mixture above.

After the bath, you can spray a mixture of 50/50 water and vinegar to the coat.  Work it in and let dry. 

Again, with any product being applied, please keep away from your pet's eyes.  Thank you!