Professional, gentle grooming by private appointment

Holistic, compassionate grooming ~ Our grooming salon offers your pet a private appointment and is groomed start to finish in a low-stress environment utilizing gentle techniques.  We use premium, natural products so that your pet looks and feels it's best.  In addition, we attend numerous educational seminars throughout the year so you can be assured your pet is in knowledgeable and safe hands. Our groomer (the owner) is an AKC Certified Groomer and certified in pet First Aid / CPR. She also served on the Board of Directors for the New England Pet Grooming Professionals as well as being a co-founder and Director of a new, national grooming organization, the American Professional Pet Grooming Association.  We will do nothing to jeopardize the health and well being of your beloved pet!

To be clear, we’re not just providing your pet with a bath and a haircut, but working with your pet in a safe environment so that he or she will learn to enjoy grooming.  We do not use aggressive means to “get the job done” nor do we perform high volume (cage) grooming.  This can stress your pet!  Because we understand that grooming is not natural for pets, we work with them to find what is most comfortable for them.  We provide them with a calm, relaxing atmosphere and give them lots of love!  Finally, your pet gets to leave as soon as it's done.  We will provide you with an estimated grooming time but will call before they are ready.  Our goal is to have the owner walking in as their pet is coming out.  If your pet has fears or anxieties or are health challenged (seniors, for instance), we take our time to work with them.  Humanity over vanity is a saying in the grooming industry – your pet’s physical and emotional needs are far more important than a perfect haircut!

You can help your pet, too, enjoy the grooming experience.  It is extremely important to maintain your pet’s grooming at home to prevent tangles and mats, among other things.  We’ve learned that most owners are not brushing properly and causing irritation or pain to their pets.  Does your dog run when he sees you grab the brush?  If you answered yes, ask us to show you the proper technique with the correct tools for your pet's coat type.  We sell these tools as well.  Let us help you with your pet.  It will not only make grooming easier for him but can provide a nice, bonding experience at home as well!


  • Tuesday - Friday:  8:00 am - 3:00 pm

  • Saturday:  8:00 am - 2:00 pm

  • Sunday & Monday:  Closed

Prices are subject to change.  Our dog grooming prices are based according to AKC breed standards and the amount of time it would take to groom a pet properly maintained at home.  Every pet is unique and even within the same breed, size and coat types are different.  As such, we cannot provide exact quotes.  We can, however, provide you with a starting price or a general range for that breed.  Factors such as coat or skin conditions, type of coat, age, weight, mobility, behavior and style of haircut all affect the amount of time it takes to finish your pet as well as wear and tear on the groomer's tools (and the groomer herself!).  Any, or all, of these conditions will increase the grooming price. 

We will not groom aggressive animals.  Aggressive animals, stressed animals that could harm themselves or the groomer, or animals with certain health issues, should be groomed under a Veterinarian's care.

  • We reserve the right to refuse service for any animal that is too matted, stressed or becoming agitated.  Charges will apply for work done or time spent.

Please note that payment is due when services are rendered.

If you are interested in becoming a client, please first click on the "Restrictions & F.A.Q." button at the bottom of the page or select it from the drop down above under Grooming.  We are happily accepting new clients but we do have some restrictions and are no longer accepting liability grooms.

Puppy Grooming

Introduction Grooms

Puppies (and Kittens)!

We recommend all puppies have their first groom around three months of age or after their second vaccination series.  Oftentimes, a puppy's first groom is a bath only.  He'll be introduced to the process:  bath, dryers, equipment and handling.  This can be stressful for a puppy and as such, a haircut may not be achievable.  Sometimes they are too scared, sometimes they are too playful and sometimes they fall asleep!  Waiting too long for the first groom can be detrimental.  While there are exceptions, the majority of times I groom a young dog for the first time it is a scary experience for them.  If an owner waits too long for the first groom, it either needs to be shaved down (due to matting) or is so stressed that it can make it dangerous, not only for the groomer but the dog itself.  This is why we encourage starting them off when they are young and small and teach them to learn that grooming is a part of their lives, like going for a ride in the car, and nothing to be fearful of.  This applies to every breed of dog, whether or not it will ever need a haircut.  This also applies to cats too.  See Cat Grooming for more information.

Dog Grooming - Leo the Havanese

For the Dogs

Dog Grooming

Based on the breed of dog, we offer basic grooms, bath and tidies, and full grooms.

Basic groom.  Your pup gets a massaging bath with a blueberry facial, is hand dried, nails trimmed and ears inspected and cleaned if necessary.  (Smooth coated / short haired dogs receive a basic groom.)

Bath & Tidy (aka F.F.F.) - In addition to the basic groom, your pet will have their face, feet and fanny (sanitary) trimmed.  All the important areas!

Full Groom - All of the above plus a full body haircut to the desired style. 

[Average cell life is 23 days.  As such, it is recommended that pets be groomed on a monthly basis.]

[Pictured is our client Leo, the Havanese.]

Cat Grooming

What about cats?

Cat Grooming

Humans bathe daily and dogs get bathed every 4-8 weeks.  Cats should be bathed as well for the exact same reasons.  There is a common belief that cats groom themselves.  It's a myth; it is not true.  They do not have cleansers in their saliva.  In fact, they have nasty bacteria in their mouths so they spread that all over their body when they lick themselves.  That's gross!  So for the removal of saliva, dander, and excess hair (to prevent matting), cats should be bathed and it's best when they start young so they can learn the process as well. Regular bathing also helps people with allergies so they can enjoy their feline companion!

That being said, as much as we recommend every cat be bathed, sometimes it cannot be done for one reason or another.  So we do offer packages that do not include a bath, such as shave downs and/or lion cuts or brush out appointments.  Every service with a cat includes a nail trim and their ears inspected and cleaned if necessary.

Maintenance Grooming

Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Grooms

The best way to keep grooming costs down is to put your pet on a maintenance schedule. Your pet will enjoy these grooms because they are easy for them to handle and quick!  Most pets on a maintenance schedule are done in an hour.  This is the ultimate spa experience for your dog or cat: a private appointment, grooming hands-on, start to finish and performed efficiently and timely.  We believe this is the best way to groom your pet!

We also encourage you to book your appointments for the year, which assures you of a holiday appointment. To set up your yearly and/or maintenance appointments, please visit us at the store or call us at 572-0055. Please note that yearly appointments will be made for pets with a consistent grooming time and those on an 8-week schedule or less as well as those clients who will be able to keep said schedule.  Those are my V.I.P. clients! 

Cat Exclusive Spaw Days

Are cats special?

Cat Exclusive Spaw Days

They sure are!  While appointments for cats can be flexible throughout the week, we have designated select days to be CAT ONLY spa days.  The following dates are designated for cat spaw days (please note they are all Wednesdays):  [dates]

These days are in high demand, so book early!

*Unfortunately, we have not scheduled any cat exclusive spaw days since Covid as it altered the schedule.  We do expect to offer it again in the future.

Nail Clinic

A la carte Services

Walk-in Services

As our grooming appointments are private and pets are groomed straight through, we cannot accommodate walk-in services.

However, we do offer monthly nail clinics.  These are held on a Sunday morning when the store is closed.  Click on the picture above to be taken to the Nail Clinic page for more information.