Grooming Salon Policies

Please read our policies below to be sure we are the right fit for you!

We may not be and that is okay!

We are proud to provide your pet the best grooming experience possible!  By offering a private appointment, time is dedicated solely to your pet.  As such, we ask for promptness and kept appointments.  

:  In order to achieve the lowest stress environment possible, our schedule must run smoothly.  Pets need to be dropped off and picked up on time.  We are not a boarding or daycare facility and do not have space to house pets.  A late drop-off/pick-up affects the day’s schedule, which in turn causes stress to the grooming staff, our clients and their pets.  If you are unable to arrive within 10 minutes of your scheduled appointment, it may be cancelled and cancellation charges will apply.  For late pick-ups during business hours, we will charge $5.00 for every ten minutes your pet remains on the premises after expected pick up time.  Once we close, we will wait 30 minutes and charge an additional $2 per minute.  After that, your pet will be housed in a crate for the night and a $50 charge will be applied to your account in addition to the late fees accumulated.  In a worst case scenario where no communication is given to us about retrieval by business opening the next day, Animal Control will be contacted for abandonment and you will be invoiced for all of the accumulated charges. 

CANCELLATIONS:  If you are unable to keep an appointment, we would appreciate as much advance notice as possible.  We do request you provide us with a minimum notice of three business days (not calendar days).  This will allow us time to refill your appointment. 

Charges will incur for notification less than three business days.  A business day is a day we are open and conducting business. 
  * A third occurrence in the same year will incur the charge of the missed appointment plus prepayment of any future appointments. 
  * A new client who cancels short notice for the first appointment will not be offered another chance to reschedule.  If the non-refundable deposit was not secured, said client will be invoiced.

WINTER WEATHERfor those who cannot drive in inclement weather, please give us a call as soon as forecasters predict bad weather.  We usually know a few days in advance, so we can move your appointment elsewhere during the week, keep your pet on schedule and avoid fees. 

Yearly Clients - Clients who book their appointments for the year are able to get their preferred day and time.  This ensures that pets will be kept on a regular schedule (which helps with training) as well as a holiday appointment. If given enough notice of a scheduling conflict, we may be able to move an appointment close enough to stay on schedule.  With shorter notice, however, the appointment will be cancelled without rescheduling and the client must wait until the next appointment.  Two cancellations within a six (6) month period will forfeit their privileges.  Future appointments will be cancelled and appointments will be made one at a time.  (Yearly appointments are offered to VIPS.  VIPS are those who we can rely on to keep their appointments year round.  They are scheduled first and then appointments are scheduled around them.  Cancellations on short notice affect the entire day's schedule, which is why we ask for as much notice as possible.)

NO SHOWS:  A client who no-shows with an explanation can reschedule once payment has been made for the missed groom.  A client who no-shows without explanation will not be offered another chance to reschedule and they will be invoiced for the reserved appointment.   

CHARGESThe charge is equal to the amount of the groom scheduled.  Invoices are due upon receipt and should be paid within the week the appointment was scheduled.  Unpaid invoices will be sent to collections if not received in 30 days. 

Please note that payment is due when services are rendered.

** Refusal to pay is a theft of services and criminal charges will be filed per GL Chapter 266, Section 30

Short notice cancellations or no shows cause us to have a financial loss (by that, it affects our paycheck).  We are in business to service our client's pets using a holistic approach by utilizing gentle techniques in a low-stress environment.  Please respect our time, as we are limited in the amount of private appointments available during the day and those appointments need to be filled in order for us to stay open.  Additionally, with how we stagger our appointments, we need the time to fill it with the exact type of animal, coat type and haircut.  As you can imagine, that can prove difficult with even the three business day notification.  So please provide us with notification as soon as a conflict occurs.  We may not be the right business for everyone and that's okay. 

Thank you for your understanding of how our salon operates and the need for these policies. We believe you and your pet will truly value and appreciate our services.  We are dedicated to the health and happiness of your pet!