Testimonials & Reviews

Donna H. - Square - Positive Feedback on Quality, Environment, Customer service, Wait time  "Everything was great. Beautiful job grooming and caring for my precious Golden girl, Lulu. Great price, great service and they treat my girl the way I treat her, with affection!!"

Jane M. - Hi Nicoll, You always do a great job on Gus and Grace but this past week you really outdid yourself! Gus came home from his solo appointment looking more fabulous than usual! Doug and I are so grateful to you that Gus no longer shakes in his paws and from head to toe when he goes for grooming. You, your husband and your mother have improved his quality of life so much! Thank you!

Jen L. - Square - Positive Feedback on Customer service, Wait time "Love Nicole and her husband. They do a great job!"

Yelena K. - Square - Positive Feedback on Quality, Customer service, Other "The care they have for my dog is exceptional!"

Annette O. - Square - Positive Feedback on Quality, Customer service, Environment, Wait time "Always a pleasure doing business with K9's & Feline's!!"

Lisa B. - Square - Positive Feedback on Customer service, Wait time, Quality, Environment.  "Most important is that my fur baby Tanner was clean, beautiful and so happy. Thank you for accepting us into your caring family business.

Rose W. - Just wanted to say thank you for standing behind the products you sell. Within hours you and Abady took care of the issue and the next day, it was replaced. Thank you again.

Peggy B. - We are SO pleased and excited with Hannah and Dudley’s grooming experience. It appeared to be much less stressful and scary for them than past groomers. Thank you SO much for all you do —and the way you do it, Nicoll and Michael!

P. Fiaccone - He opened the store so I could get some cbd for my dog when he was there only to give his dog a bath…on a Monday! So thankful!

Jacqueline M. - Sydney had a wonderful experience today. Thank you so much for your kindness and gentle care🙂

Christina C.  - Our Shih Tzu Lacey always looks fantastic!! Love the holiday peppermint scent she has. I can't wait to give her her Christmas presents I picked out today for her! Thank you so much always!! ❤ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Chad D. - Our puppy loves you and we do too. Thank you for all of your loving care!"

Ruth B. - By far my favorite pet store. Nicole is a wonderful resource and groomer. She’s knowledgeable and loves the animals.

Lynette L. - Nicoll is wonderful and friendly. Your attitude is always positive. I am really impressed. I appreciated it. Thank you!

Stephanie H. - Nicoll and her husband were absolutely incredible with my feisty F4 Savannah who despises getting her nails done. They were able to cut her nails with minimal stress and were beyond patient with her. Today was my first nail clinic and will definitely be back.

Maureen S. - Nicoll is amazing! Her knowledge, attention to detail, and love of her job and her clients is second to none! Highly recommend!

Laurie H. - They are extremely good with my dog Bella who's 15 years old, going blind and deaf. She's gotten difficult to groom in her older years, but Bella is treated so well and groomed with much care and pampering. We are very lucky we found K-9 and Felines and of course it came from a high recommendation from a friend who takes her dogs there.Thank you so much for taking care of Bella, she looks beautiful and smells so good when we get her back from her grooming appointment. We can trust you with our little Yorkie and know all will go well. Thank you!

Jane M. - Both of my Labradoodles left Nicholl's shop looking fantastic and feeling very chill. My 14 year old has needed to be sedated for the last five years for grooming but not with Nicholl! He got some special attention and handling and he was happy throughout. Needless to say, Nicholl's special touch and warm and personal service has made me a returning customer.

Amanda M. - Thank you for being so awesome Nicole! She is so patient with my little rescue dog Didi whose had a traumatizing past! Always so sweet with him and he comes out looking like a million bucks!

Steve S. - We've been taking our dog Julia here for years. Always does a great job and is very gentle and kind to the animals.

Donald S. - Nicoll has been such a big help helping me with my senior dog. We've discussed options and processes of eliminating for him. She had me also try "K9 releaf" CBD snacks for his pain and he responded greatly and seems like he's back to normal again. I like that Nicoll is knowledgeable about the products she carries. Her love of 4 legged friends really shows, I think that's why she does what she does and does it well. Thank you for helping my special little guy get back on his feet again.

Carol T. - Nicholl is wonderful!! My Shih-Poo has fear aggression, etc., and is not the easiest dog, but she has groomed him regularly for eight years and does a wonderful job every single time. Nicholl is absolutely the best!!

Ashley E. - Nicoll and her mother are hands down the kindest people I’ve ever met. They both listened to my endless woes because of a previous grooming experience, and soothed all my worries.On the day of my appointment Nicolls husband very gently soothed my frightened cat, and nicoll opened the window and let me watched as they fixed the mess that used to be a cat. It was an endlessly positive experience for me, and for my cat. And she looks so much better!!! Thank you to all of you!!! Me and thumper appreciate your kindness!!!!

Donna H. - Very professional and they are awesome with my 22 year old deaf cat.....Nicole and staff are just the best!!!!

Barbara M. - Nichole, her mom and husband are the best. She treats the animals like her own.

Karen R. - I rescued a dog that had never been groomed. I took home everywhere and one groomer suggested he be sedated . I consulted with my vet and she recommended K-9s&Felines. It was wonderful!! She is amazing and does a great job.

Tony R. - Quiet atmosphere. Perfect for my anxious Chihuahua. He was nervously shaking when we walked in and was walking around the place like he owned it, on our way out!

Janet P. - Niccole is amazing she is very passionate about her job and the animals she grooms I had a very fluffy cat that was nothing but a matted mess the first time I brought him in we decided to shave him and nicole suggested a lion cut witch I let her do and he looked great ,he actually fell asleep nicole is wonderful unfortunately (bear my cat)passed away but wen I get another animal whether it b a cat or a dog the only place I will bring them to get groomed will b K-9S & FELINES because nicole and her mother ROCK!!!!!!!!!

Liz - Nichole took such good care of my dog until she passed away a few years ago. Now I’m adopting a new furry friend who needs lots of grooming and I can’t wait to see you guys on a regular basis again!

Kelly P.  - We have a stray that adopted us and was painfully matted. it was heartbreaking to even pick him up because I was afraid I was hurting him. 30 minutes with Nicoll and he's literally a new cat!! He's visibly happy and doing wonderful!! He was matted to a point I can't even describe and she literally changed him into a happy relaxed cat AND put up with me being so nervous!!!! I will be forever grateful!!! Such nice people that I have been lucky enough to meet!!!

Carol W. - LOVE how Nicoll takes care of our boys. My Golden Shepherd is skittish around strangers but he loves his "Auntie" Nicoll. Our yellow Lab loves his visits to the store and his grooming session. Both boys look FABULOUS after their grooming. I wouldn't think of taking them anywhere else. Thank you, Nicoll!